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Introducing our exclusive Long-Wear Adhesion Kit, meticulously developed by Eternails Studio specifically for our premium press-on nails. Our kit is designed with a single purpose in mind: to provide you with long-term wear of our stunning nail enhancements while ensuring a damage-free removal process.

At Eternails Studio, we take pride in creating high-quality products that prioritise both style and nail health. Our Long-Wear Adhesion Kit is no exception. We have carefully crafted this kit to deliver exceptional results while maintaining the integrity of your natural nails.

With our kit, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Long-Term Wear: Our advanced adhesive formula, combined with the included UV light and barrier solution, ensures a secure and long-lasting bond between your natural nails and our press-on nails. Experience extended wear time without the worry of nails lifting or popping off prematurely.

  • Exclusive to Eternails: Our Long-Wear Adhesion Kit is exclusively developed for use with our own press-on nails. We have tailored the formulation and components to perfectly complement our nail designs, guaranteeing optimal adhesion and compatibility.

  • Easy Removal: When the time comes to remove your nails, our kit ensures a gentle and seamless removal process. Say goodbye to the potential damage and weakened nail beds often associated with other adhesive systems. With our kit, you can effortlessly remove your nails without compromising the health of your natural nails.

Invest in our Long-Wear Adhesion Kit and elevate your nail game to new heights. Enjoy long-lasting, flawless nails that stay put while keeping your natural nails healthy and intact. 


  • Our Long-Wear Adhesion Kit is specifically designed for use with Eternails Studio press-on nails and may not deliver the same results with other nail systems.
  • Do NOT purchase if you're allergic to acrylic / gel (Glue can be used on its own for those with allergies - however this will make the nail single use).