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Luxury Instant Manicures

Handcrafted and High Quality

Revolutionising The Nail Game

Our luxury press-ons are the perfect solution for anyone seeking stunning, long-lasting nail designs. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional nail salons and embrace a new world of effortless, chic beauty with Eternails.

Love, Eternails Studio

Reviews From Our Valued Customers!


Unmatched durability for long-lasting wear


Can be re-used for endless style possibilities

High Quality

Exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials

Blurring The Lines Between Press-On Nails and Manicures

Our Purpose

To empower you with revolutionary effortless beauty, minus the time and cost.

Sustainable Spending

Prioritise sustainable spending and free up resources for what truly matters.

Nail Care

Follow this guide on how to apply