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About Me

My name is Petra, and I reside in the beautiful Waikato area. I am a passionate conjoint degree student, pursuing studies in both business and computer science.

I've always been drawn to creative endeavors, such as crafting beautiful nails. However, my severe anxiety made it challenging for me to pursue service-oriented jobs.

In light of my experiences, I created Eternails for a few reasons. I once paid a hefty $120 for a nail service that didn't turn out as expected. Regrettably, I was too afraid to voice my dissatisfaction and ended up removing them the next day before my netball finals.

I also vividly remember feeling insecure and unconfident while attending an interview for a prestigious company. In a last-minute attempt to feel put together, I adorned some press-on nails from Kmart, and surprisingly, I felt a significant boost in my confidence, and I actually landed the job.

The core idea behind Eternails is to cater to hardworking women like ourselves. Why should we settle for subpar quality when it comes to press-on nails? We deserve better—nails that are not only convenient but also of exceptional quality.

Eternails aims to bridge the gap by providing top-notch press-on nails that can withstand the demands of our busy lives. Because when we feel confident and put together, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

The Eternails Studio HQ

When you choose to support us, you are not just purchasing a product; you are joining the journey of a small business owner with ambitious dreams. My vision extends beyond providing high-quality press-on nails; I aspire to transform this brand into something remarkable that empowers and uplifts everyone.

With every purchase, you contribute to the realisation of the grand vision, allowing me to invest in research and development, expand my offerings, and reach out to more women around the world. Your support fuels my passion, enabling me to create a lasting impact and inspire others to embrace their true potential.

Together, we can build a community where people can feel empowered, confident, and supported. By choosing Eternails, you become part of a movement that celebrates the strength, beauty, and aspirations of har workers everywhere.

Thank you for being a vital part of my journey and helping me turn my dreams into reality.